A Brief Interaction

We were talking and saying good bye.

In the midst of saying goodbye he asked that I do something for him, so I left to run a short errand for him.  When I returned, we finished our goodbyes.   I was across the room and doing a little hand wave as I was leaving.

He stuck his hand out to me.   In a handshake gesture.  I knew what was going to happen.  He wasn’t the first to try and wrangle a hug out of my not comfortable with hugging people I barely know existence.

But I went.  I grabbed his hand.  It was surprisingly soft and warm.  He pulled me in to hug and I hugged him.  Actually, I just kind of let him hug me.  Though it was difficult with him in his chair and me standing above him.

I stepped back and he asked me if I had a husband.  I smiled and said yes.  He immediately apologized and said he didn’t ask for inappropriate reasons.  I smiled again, and said I knew that.   He wanted to know if my husband was good to me.  I told him yes.  He asked if I was sure.  I told him I was sure.  He is a good man, and very kind, and a better person than I am.  He nodded his head approvingly as I spoke to him.

He grabbed my hand and said “no one’s better than you are”.

I didn’t argue with him.  Because though I know there are many people better than I am, at that moment, I was one of the best to him.

I told him he made me very happy.   And he gave me a high five.   Actually, about a high one hundred and fifteen.  Because he didn’t want to stop giving me high fives.

It was a brief interaction.   A pleasant one.  A happy one.  A positive one.  That left us both smiling as I walked out the door.

And that was it.

And, worth a moment of reflection.

Our lives are built on these moments.

32 thoughts on “A Brief Interaction

  1. If more people simply understood the power of such kindnesses of human interaction, there’d be a lot less tension and stress in our every day lives. So nice to read this, Colleen. It made me smile.


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