And, Our Days Are Full Of Transitions


I went to a Kauffee Haus today.

And drank coffee and ate strudel

And sat with an old friend.

And made a new friend.

And stayed so long my new friend,

Sam, made us an amazing sandwich.

And he bought my book when I showed it to him.

And I was so excited he enjoyed my book.

And I doodled while my friend and I were comfortable together.

And I listened while Sam was very patient and kind to someone who needed patience and kindness.

And we sat for I don’t know how many hours, just talking and being together.

And we left and went through an old style country store for the fun of simple things.

And we returned so he could leave.

And I won’t see him for a long time.

And that makes me a little sad.

And then I sat outside in the sun a bit.

And my husband came home and we talked about what to do, and not do.

And then I did some work around home.

And I watered the flowers.

And I ate Cheerios.

And I realized how much my life flows.

And I like it.