The End Of The Ride

Sometimes when I’m on a bike ride I find myself slowing down towards the end.  Because when I’m done…I won’t be bike riding.  I’ll be – not – bike riding.  So I find myself trying to prolong it.  I sit up and my bike suddenly becomes a tool to find leisure and be passive.  For a moment.

Then, because I’m trying to prolong my bike ride and slowing down, someone passes me.

And I cannot……


So I speed up.

Because I don’t want to feel like I slowed down.


There are many, many parallels we can associate with this.

But for today, right now, I want to believe as long as possible that I am able.   I discover(ed) so much while building my bike riding skills.   My muscles, my heart, my lungs….my desire to power myself down the road.

I want to know the ride

Is still mightily possible

And within my power.

And doesn’t have to end.

And no one can beat me.


You may pass me

But I’m not done yet.

32 thoughts on “The End Of The Ride

  1. Ah what strength!! I’m so much like you in this 🙂 I strive to be the best…in everything I do..especially my yoga. I want to do everything my body can do..and push it more to achieve the impossible as well 🙂

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  2. You’re letting others dictate your actions. I’ve seen this before on the highway, and it never ends well. Have you sent your frontal lobe on vacation?


    • Ha! 😉 Not the same thing at all Paul. 🙂 It’s not a reaction to THEM it’s like a renewed energy passing by and setting me on fire. I just love the feeling of the power I have on the bike. Not just physical power but health and emotional strength. It’s a very VERY long story. But biking is part of a long journey for me. And a very positive one at that. 🙂

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