I Was “That” Mom

When my kids were babies they were spot on perfect.

They woke up smiling.

They laughed with me.   They loved me reading and singing to them.   They looked forward to me praying for them at bedtime.  They loved the food I made.   They loved me.

Then they turned into teenagers.


There is no preparing you for that.  Even having gone through being a teenager is not a practice run for being the mom of teenagers.

As typical as they were as teenagers, I was clueless.   I didn’t drink.  I didn’t push boundaries.   I didn’t ‘do’ the teenage years.  Quite honestly I just expected my kids to be like me.  In some way.  In one way I hoped they would be like me.  In any way I hoped they would be like me.

When my oldest was in high school there was a weekend when I was away.  They were supposed to be with their father.  We were divorced.  For whatever reason, he sent them to my place.  Unsupervised.  The required, obligatory – my parents are gone for the night party – was a no brainer.

Only I had no idea they were there.

You know what gave them away when I got home?

The toilet paper.

In my bathroom.   The toilet paper was on the roll hanger, with the paper coming out from under the roll, instead of the top.

I had been hanging toilet paper in my own home for more years than they were alive.  Never.  Ever.  Did I hang it that way.

I went through the house.  It was spotless.  Too clean.  Not too clean if I had cleaned it.  But too clean for them to have cleaned it.

I looked out the back door.  One empty plastic bag lie there.  I went out and picked it up.   An ice bag.  I never buy ice.

I went through the entire house.

Downstairs all of my martial arts certificates hung neatly on the wall.  Right where they should be.  One looked different than the others.   I stepped closer to look.  The glass of the picture frame was gone.

Teenager busted.

I got the names of the kids at the party.  Not from my daughter.  I had other ways.

I called the other parents.  I managed to get hold of all but one.

Some didn’t care.  Some listened.   One seemed to be upset-with me.

My kids pretty much hated me at that moment.

I pretty much understood.

But I was still that mom.

I love my kids enough to let them hate me.

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59 thoughts on “I Was “That” Mom

  1. Ha! Funny! So far I just have the one son who is 13 and he’s not nearly as bad as I was at that age!


  2. Ocean Bream says:

    Hahaha! This was an excellent and entertaining read. Boy you are one clever, noticing mum.


  3. msampson999 says:

    Party Pooper!


  4. Oh my hahaha! ❤
    Diana xo


  5. LOL! I can just picture you going through your home and investigating the “evidence.” Hahaha! You were just being a good mom! 😀


  6. Kids need to know you’re the parent and not the superior best buddy. I thinks there’s a bit of respect lost when we try to be buddies with our kids. I’m not saying we can’t have a close, tightly bonded relationship, but they need to know there’s a line. Parents need to know that line too.

    I think you did great!

    I’ve still got one left. Shes 4 going on 15. I often wonder what kind of teenager she’ll be. But for now I’m just trying to make it with her to age 5.


  7. Debra says:

    You have excellent detecting skills! I learned more about my kids’ parties years after they were adults! Apparently I was entirely too trusting and a fairly lousy detective! LOL!


    • I was too trusting, but had the skills to find out when I was faced with it. And I wasn’t even looking Debra. They could never figure out how I found things out. 🙂 And I never told. 😉


  8. M. L. Kappa says:

    He he 😆 Enjoyed this story


  9. ksbeth says:

    i love you finding the clues. i was the bad teen at times too –


  10. Ann Koplow says:

    I’m so glad you’re that mom and this blogger! ❤


  11. We all go through this, it’s just that some of us care more than others. You will find that they will wind up doing the same thing with their children. Believe it or not you are making memoires that will keep you smiling down the road. They will remember……


  12. lbeth1950 says:

    I am so glad we made it through those years.


  13. I was that mom, too. There are so many of us. ☺


  14. niaaeryn says:

    Good detective work there. Teens are tricky, but as someone who works with them I am glad you are “that” mom. It makes a difference.


  15. Tanya Cliff says:

    Excellent, Colleen! Thank you so much for sharing this. It is good to know that we moms are not alone in it!


  16. Job well done. Brava.


  17. Parents – eyes behind our heads at all times. Diligence, detective skills and so much more. Well done ❤️


  18. Paul says:

    They are a challenging form of life. Ha!


  19. Wow. Quite the sleuth you are. At least your house got cleaned. 🙂 Glad you had an easy time of it in the early years, at least.


  20. agshap says:

    I was “that” mom too…I had 5 in 7 years so they became teenagers all at the same time…I dont think I ever got out of the teenager years….but all that hate paid off – they are all grown up responsible adults – with children of their own – going through their own teenager years….haha


  21. epiphany says:

    Omg haha all I can do is laugh at this! I’m so scared for when my son is a teenager. But I guess my mom lived through it so I will too? Great post!💜


  22. SD Gates says:

    I think as parents, you have to pay attention to everything. I don’t think mentioning immediately everything that is noted should be done, those pieces of information should be stored in the “parent armory” and used at a later date. It baffles the kids to realize that we are really much more clever than they give us credit for being.


  23. I’m on the other side of the picture. I am seventeen and completely understand were both sides are coming from. 🙂 My mom is also “that” mom, that’s funny.
    I am new to this blog world, mind checking out some of my posts and telling me your opinion. I will great appreciate it!

    Liked by 1 person

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