27 thoughts on “It’s Like Having A New Pair Of Saddle Shoes

  1. Even now, 40 years later I still get swept up in the new school year excitement – maybe why it’s my favorite time of year.I can certainly understand such excitement with a new job, Congrats! You’ll do well.


  2. Best wishes for your new venture. And yes, new Buster Browns, every year, and praying we didn’t outgrow them too soon. How I loved the start of the school year…it was home. ☺ I still can’t pass by those marble notebooks without a huge smile.

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  3. Oh yeah, the came back into fashion for a while in the early 80’s and I had a pair. One of the saving graces of going back to school was wearing all the new clothes I got. Yep, that was about it!


    • Thank you!

      I was the oldest girl so any hand me downs were from the boys. But we all got new shoes and new school clothes. 🙂 But this could also be why I love men’s clothing more than womens!!!!


  4. Oh, not sure if anyone else said this and nearly out of time so I will say, what about penny loafers? Anyone love the new feel of the tan or brown shoes where the penny can be inserted in that little creases?
    I had only one pair of saddle shoes, they were cool, Colleen! I wore them to a “Sock Hop!” 🙂

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