A Bit Of Peace Lodged In My Heart

As a child I often times walked into my parents bedroom in the evening. I am sure “walked into” could also be interpreted as “loudly burst into”.   I can’t remember the times I walked in, to find my father on his knees, head bowed over folded hands.  Praying.  I would slowly back out, usually much quieter than when I burst in.  And there would be a bit of peace lodged in my heart.

Tonight I felt a need to create something of comfort.

And an image of a starry night was playing in my thoughts.

The thought of relationship was dancing through my heart.

Feelings of wistfulness swirled around.

After I drew this

I felt something similar to those moments when I found dad on knees praying.

And I feel an echo of that bit of peace lodged in my heart.

And it was a comfort.

At Night