Giving The Finger


I give the finger.

I give it to my kids.

I give it to drivers who should know better.

I give it to persons who are acting inappropriately out in public.

Grant it

They may not always see it.

But I give it.

But not just any finger.

The mom finger.

Which is an entirely different kind of finger.

It may be sublte

But is a movement that holds immense power.

The Finger

I think the world could do with a lot more mom’s

Wagging fingers.

As an added bonus

Add that eye thing

That only moms can do.

36 thoughts on “Giving The Finger

  1. I don’t feel so bad anymore Colleen, because my um, “mum finger” is out for all and sundry to see. The road, oh don’t get me started on the road.. why are people in such a hurry these days? why do they have to cut you off just so they can get stuck behind a huge truck going nowhere. Ha! out comes my finger…


  2. The way finger is so great but that stare/glare is very efficient in getting cooperation, Colleen. oxox
    Or what my Dad repeated from some movie or ? The” Double Whammy Look!!”


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