What I Like About The Olympics

What I like about the Olympics.

Is the absolute joy in someone’s face when they win.

They may not have even won gold.  A win for some of these athletes is being there.  For others it may be personal bests, or national bests, or that bronze, silver or gold.

I love the respect shown from one human being to another, cultures being embraced, differences being celebrated.  And competition leading to celebration not battle.

There is no shame in loss.  Look how much work and effort went into getting there.  You compete with the best.  Because you are the best.

I love cheering for my country.  But have cheered for other countries and other athletes because they pull at my emotions.  My innate desire to see the underdog go against staggering odds, and win.  Or place.  Or be thrilled at their personal victory, whatever it is.

I sit comfortably in my place in the world when I see individuals on the world screen demonstrate class, humility and courage.

What I like about the Olympics is the proof, the exhibition, the determination of people to come together from around the world to compete.  To share.  To prevail.  To thrill at the experience of being together.

What I don’t like about the Olympics, is that it is an event.

And not a permanent state of our existence.

But I still love, that the Olympics give us hope.

16 thoughts on “What I Like About The Olympics

  1. I adore the Olympics I always have, I just missed out on making it myself. However this year has been awful for the Irish. We have been exposed as a ticket touting corrupt country which has upset so many of us. Then before it even began one of our young boxers was caught cheating. Boxing is a big thing over here so we felt for the other boxers and stood beside them. Up went Katie Taylor and she lost on a controversial decision. A day later another lovely young boxer Michael Conlon lost in a very very controversial manner. That meant no medal for him. He was furious and Irish commentators and English BBC commentators were gobsmacked. Now a few days later after an inquiry, that judge and a few more have been sent home in disgrace. Yet for Michael, who has worked so hard for four years there is no change in the decision. To make matters worse the boxer he beat is injured (after fighting michael) and will not compete in the semi finals.
    As a family I’ve loved watching it but in the back of my mind I’m sad. To not be able to celebrate winners due to fear of drug cheats or corrupt judging is not right.


    • There are sad stories too Tric. And those are just as impactful. I do get bothered by individuals who act in a way that does represent their country well. We feel that here in USA. But that too is another story. I think I will just relish in the adoration for all of those who worked so hard and sacrificed so much, to be there.

      I hope the story isn’t over for Michael.


  2. I totally agree, Colleen! The athletes from all countries have worked so hard and I think of all the family sacrifices that go into their success, too. I don’t typically enjoy watching sports, but the Olympics are so much more. I love watching them! 🙂


    • I do love the Olympics. Though we gave up “TV” a couple of years ago so I’ve been watching it all via video clips. I told my husband that this will not happen again. We will cave in and get tv for the next olympics. Fortunately last weekend we were at my aunt/uncles and watched all weekend.


  3. I love the stories behind it all, that emerge year after year… Of human endeavor, and the human spirit. I wish it hadn’t become so commercial, with so many financial and other, interests involved.


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