What To Expect

I think we sometimes fail to see what it is our children see.

We don’t remember that they pay attention to how we act.

And how others act.

What behaviors we allow and accept from others.

And what we expect others to accept from us.

From these actions,

They are learning how to treat others.

And how they should be expected to be treated.

I think we sometimes fail to see,

Who we are setting them up to be.

And what we expect them to tolerate.


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23 thoughts on “What To Expect

  1. This is the truth Colleen! Great wisdom in this post!


  2. Great wisdom Colleen 🙂


  3. ksbeth says:

    yes, we are their models – never forget )


  4. Paul says:

    True story.


  5. mewhoami says:

    That is exactly right and this thought goes through my mind most often when I “mess” up. We are our children’s example and it’s our duty to set a good one.


  6. Great observation! Children are and could be our best teachers too. Sometimes the things they teach us are priceless!


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