The Crossing Guard

This morning a wee bit of a child helped me cross the street in front of her school.  She was the crossing guard.  She seemed all of three foot tall.  She wore a checkered uniform and neon green crossing guard safety belt.   I stopped at the corner, behind her little flag she held so diligently to protect me.

 I had a flash back to my own checkered uniform, an orange crossing guard safety belt, and standing at attention in front of my own school.

In all seriousness I felt very protected as she wielded that flag with all of the authority bestowed upon her.  Her duties included preventing me from prematurely stepping out in to the street and being hit by a vehicle.  When the light turned red she opened the flag to me, but held it against any driver to prevent them from crossing that line and endangering me.   As I stepped off of the curb, I genuinely thanked her.  She very professionally, and softly, said “you’re welcome”.   I marveled at her ability to be so cautious and serious about my well being, and her duties.

I crossed the street and as I stepped up onto the curb I thanked the little fellow who held the flag out on that side of the road.  He did not hesitate to pull that flag closed behind me.   Another safe transition completed.  He granted the cars in wait permission to proceed.

I was taught responsibility as a very young child.  And I benefitted all of my life because of it.  I’d like to think the world did as well.  I felt honored to be protected by this little guard today.  The nostalgia of it, and the appreciation of it, made me happy.  Seeing the children being responsible and cautious and courteous and safe, made me see the world in a beautiful light today.

Carry on Crossing Guard.

The Crossing  Guard