Not Knowing Our Directions

We enter this journey not knowing our directions.  East, west, north, south-they mean nothing to where we are going in life.  Nothing.  Even when we learn the meaning of direction we don’t always have the ability, or the wisdom, to navigate.  Forces beyond our control push, shove and force bearings on us we would not have chosen had we been given that choice.

But, this journey is ours.

And where ever it takes us, we go.

Sometimes woefully.

Sometimes contentedly.

Sometimes begrudgingly.

Sometimes gratifyingly.

Sometimes apathetically.

Sometimes playfully.

Sometimes crazily.

Sometimes pleasantly.

Sometimes regretfully.

Sometimes intentionally.

Sometimes haphazardly.




33 thoughts on “Not Knowing Our Directions

  1. Sir Winston, from the blog “Gilmours Nice Place”, says that he believes there are no forces beyond our control because all souls do have a choice in their life. Although we may not be aware of our direction or surroundings (through thought) the decisions we make in life are always the correct ones, even though we may struggle with the results for a while. Mr Midnight adds that intuition is the true guidance system of souls and if humans managed to switch off the interference in their heads more often, allowing their intuitive guidance systems to lead the way, then humans would often have an easier path in life. My two furry friends sometimes over do it in their judgement of others. I hope you don´t mind them commenting. All the best from the magical Black Forest and thank you for posting your nice words. 🙂


    • Thank you for the comment! I don’t mind anyone, furry or unfurry, commenting. 🙂

      I agree we make decisions and we may struggle, and we ‘should’ use our intuition more. But there are impacts on our lives that we did not ask for or create, or steer towards, things we must adjust to or react to. (ie illness, death, accidents, job losses, etc).

      I do believe in our abilities to have and make choices. But sometimes what we have to choose ‘about’ is not our doing, so to speak.

      Thank you for the dialogue. It makes me look deeper into my own thoughts. 🙂

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      • We strongly believe that one really does create ones own life – even the illnesses and negative situations. Negative aspects of life are also important because even we are open to them, we can learn and move forward. If we believe we have no bearing upon our lives then it would seem we rely on destiny to steer our way which is something I personally, cannot get to grips with with. Perhaps there´s something to learn there as well? Thanks for your reply.


        • I greatly appreciate this discussion Allangilmour. What you say seems familiar to me from what I learned about “Reality Therapy”.

          And I struggle with ‘destiny’ myself. Some of my thoughts tend to lean heavily on it, while some of my thoughts run freely in another direction all together. I can’t say that many of the things that come barreling in to our lives comes from self determination or that we are open to them. I see a lot of unexpected struggles forced upon people who would willingly not have to deal with them. But they must deal wtih them. When these things are exploded into our lives I think the option of how we deal with it, is ours.

          I hope I’m making sense with my thoughts here (it’s early and I’m on my exercise bike!)

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          • Oblivious to how we are brought up and what society deems to be the “norm”, try to imagine that in order for a “soul” to achieve maximum fulfillment it must “experience” ALL of what life has to offer. If there is such a thing as reincarnation, the soul “chooses”(not through thought processes, that is a human thing) which parents will give it the necessary possibilities to “experience” what it wishes to experience in its coming life. We have to experience everything, be it good or bad, so although we humans often see things in life (especially bad things)as having nothing to do with us (habitual victim mode) , those “experiences” are in fact, a necessary part of our “soul” moving forward. That people would rather not deal with their struggles is something I can understand because it is convenient and who really wants to deal with pain but it is also an important part of “moving forward” whether we like it or not.
            Of course, what I wrote above is a matter of opinion. Mr Midnight says he hopes you don´t fall off your bike trying to fathom out what I have just written. Best regards out of the Black Forest.


            • I managed to stay upon this bike. And was pleased I knew exactly what you were saying. Years ago I read a book “Embraced By the Light”. I loved it. It explained ‘some’ of what you are saying above.

              I do believe our journey here is a journey of learning and achieving, on a level we may not (probably are not) aware of. That being said, our journey here is usually without that knowledge. So we respond to life with our human knowledge not our spiritual knowledge. I believe there is a tremendous amount of knowledge we each have, that we don’t necessarily have access to while we are ‘here’. But we are adding to it while we are here.

              Just like this conversation is adding to mine, now. Thank you. 🙂

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              • Thank you for your reply. I totally agree with what you said above. Perhaps “tapping” into unknown resources is part of why we are on the planet in the first place. A lifetime can be short or long but we do have the time if we so wish, to explore uncertain avenues of possibilities of our existence. The uncertainty thing seems to sometimes get in the way – most of us although not admitting it, are terrified of change and the uncertainty it brings. We wish you a nice day and once again, thank you for your input on the subject. We´re off on a 5 day trip to France tomorrow so we´ll be without WordPress for a while.

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  2. And sometimes we meet wonderful people on the way and bitter moments hurt lesser, glorious moments seem brighter and all of our woes vanish into thin air!
    I’m so glad that I am able to share my journey with a wonderful person like you! 🙂


  3. Often all I ask for in life is balance! I can take the downs as long as there are plenty of ups! You are perfectly balanced on your bike, Colleen. 🙂


    • 😉 I have not always been perfectly balanced on that bike, I’ve hit the pavement a few times. Though only because something knocked me OFF balance. But like you, I want to know there are ups too. And I get back up. 😉


  4. I wonder if the disarray of the journey is fighting our intuitive or knowing path. Being someone who has had intuitive guidance, I have seen how following it, just feels better. Not following it can feel confusing. (I’m actually sorting this out because of reading your thought provoking post.) Trying to understand this intuitive process better I have been documenting it in my blog…Hhmmm, you have got me thinking. But first lunch!

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    • I hope lunch was good 😉 And in reflecting on your comment, I have to say, I think there is truth in there being disarray if we our fighting a natural path. When I’m trying to do something that does not feel natural (even if I truly want to try it) it is more difficult. And frustrating. Not necessarily bad, but certainly different.

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