32 thoughts on “I Was

  1. Intriguing Colleen. Very, very true by the way. Lovely way to start a day with such a statement. Goes to the roots of our existence and all philosophy. Traveling from “was” to “is” clearly makes our existence a part of time. Tracing that back – for me – goes to John 1:1 : “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.” That “word” was the beginning of time for it established time by indicting what would be done before it was done – hence “time” as we know it, the difference between the decision and the action. (which, as an aside is the key in why free speech should not be allowed to cover racist comments= speaking hatred IS hatred).

    Once we establish the time existence then we come to the differences we encounter as we pass from Was to Is. Some of those are Newtonian in essence – each place a result of where we had been before plus our choices (logic). Some are quantum in nature – differences that came as a result of unsupported (by choice) changes that enter our lives from elsewhere. This quantum effect carries a lot of information about our existence – the most impactful of all being that we exist as a part of a much larger whole that is not included in our awareness – but at times we get small indicators of that larger whole.

    When pressed (and with some trepidation it seems) God defines Himself as “I AM”. the same definition we use for ourselves. It seems from that and other indicators that we are a subsection of a supreme and omniscient whole. And yet we exist in time – obviously a situation created for a reason as an omniscient being would have no use for time – what it desired would simply exist. Time is half of the space/time continuum. So we were given time and space when we were created. It seems that that was done to allow us to make choices and through those choices further create ourselves. Those choices are partially affected by the larger whole in which we exist. It appears as if we are God’s “children” and all the relational interactions that go with that designation. As such we get to make choices to create ourselves within the larger structure.

    The greatest implication of this situation that encompasses “I was” to “I am” is that we have been given an enormous gift for no charge – the gift of the ability and environment we require to have the power to make choice and thus further create ourselves. The beginning of addressing this gift has to be Grace – thankfulness for the gifts of life we have been given by making choices that reflect that Grace.


    • Paul, your last paragraph is something full of grace it’s self. The older I get the more clear that is to me. I do feel that what I have is a gift, life. And the ability to make choices. And the grace I continue to try and develop. And the more I understand (which I think is part of the process of life) the more empowered I feel about this gift.

      (And as an aside, I hope you know I do not ‘like’ nor agree with hate filled speech. But to stop hate filled speech it is going to have to come from all sides. I do believe that what does NEED to come with the ‘freedom’ of speech is you the speaker must carry the consequences of what you say. If you speak hate, you need to be held accountable for it. Sure, you have the right to ‘say’ it, but once you say it, you own it and pay the consequences. I know what we have here is far from perfect. But I think the larger problem is that people are not held accountable for what they say and do. )

      And you sure keep me on my toes my friend! πŸ™‚


  2. Thank you for being the special and delightful person you are right now. You must have had quite a past to be where you are in the present. I look forward to seeing what you become in the future.


  3. Colleen, I am always a work in progress too. Fancy us then, where would we be without the I was, and I am now.. I try often to stay I am. I was can get me down sometimes. Being present and aware is the only way to move forward.


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