Nora, You’re Okay

She was the goalie.

And two scores got past her.   One.  Two.  In just a mater of a few minutes.

The coach was telling her it was okay.  Others were telling her it was okay.

But the best cheer was coming from a teammate on the side.  He kept watching her.

“Nora, what’s wrong?   It’s okay.  Nora, it’s okay.   It’s nothing.   Have fun.”

She looked pretty dejected.

He continued “Nora, you’re okay.  Just have fun!”

Looking at Nora you could tell she was not okay.

A few minutes later he threw out another “Nora, you’re okay!”

He looked away from Nora and at his teammate on the sideline and said “I just want to have fun”.

“It’s okay Nora!”

I think he’s going to be okay.

And so are some others in life with him around.

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22 thoughts on “Nora, You’re Okay

  1. Perfect advice. We need more fans/coaches with this attitude. ☺


  2. It’s ok have fun. Love it. ❤
    Diana xo


  3. Poor Nora, she was taking it too hard and all they are there for is just to have fun. With that teammate she will learn it’s okay to just have fun.


  4. Thank goodness for those who say “it’s okay”. I don’t know when we stopped having fun and became so competitive. Another good post my friend. 🙂


  5. russtowne says:

    You have wise eyes and a good heart, my friend.


  6. Paul says:

    Bwwwww, (sighs). (Stands back and eyes the situation – should he or shouldn’t he? Weeeell, she’s always been reasonable so lets try, lightly). I had a young son who played goalie in competitive hockey for about 10 years – from the age of 8 to about 18. Even though they all wear the same colors, all eat the after game pizza celebrating a win, all traveled together in various minivans – the goalie is a lonely position. When the team loses it is the goalie’s fault and when the team wins it is a team effort – or so the players feel and so they say, and so they act. That reality is a part of the game – for even the audiences at pro games think the same. For the relatives and friends of the goalie – that is blatantly false ; it is clear when the defense is sloppy, it is clear when the forwards allow the puck to be in their own end too often, it is clear when the goalies don’t get the same attention to training from the coach..

    This clearly complicates the scene in terms of win/lose. Realistically the goalie needs to be aware that is just the way the world is and if he/she in uncomfortable with that, they need to work on self-respect/awareness. The impact can be ameliorated somewhat by a kind and caring coach and respectful parents. Cause I gotta tell you the parents are a big part of the attitudes – I used to do time keeping for the team during tournaments and I have literally had to call on the ref to shut down the game and create a forfeit situation because the parents behind me were making violent and physical threats – and he was about 12 at that time.

    As much as the coach may be kind and caring – pay attention to how much useful training he assigns the goalie vs the players – many coaches don’t train goalies because the goalie has to be trained as an individual vs a team that can be trained together.

    Anyway, Nora’s situation needs deeper assistance than would be normal when a child is unsure, because of the social perspective on goalies. That’s just my own experience and perspective – it may be that you know all this and are acting accordingly. Thanks and sorry if i crossed any lines – be they blue or red. 😀 .


    • I can’t really comment on the soccer part Paul. For all of the things my kids got into, soccer wasn’t one of them. This is really my first foray into it. And the people (children) playing are so little that the skills are very very basic. I’ll take all you said into consideration if the littles I am watching, move forward with soccer as their sport of choice.

      🙂 Thank you.

      No lines to worry about here! 🙂


      • Paul says:

        Ha! for sure Colleen – I just assumed they were early teens. You are right,the smaller ones are much more into the socialization than winning – same with parents. When he got to 12 or 13 I longed for the 8 year old days back. Goalies always believe they lose the game for the team so an awareness of that definitely gives you one up in recognizing it when it happens. Have fun! The little ones are a hoot. 😀


  7. ksbeth says:

    yay for norman –


  8. A great message for those of us who get too passionate about kid’s sports and after school activities!


  9. reocochran says:

    The extraordinary boy just was so consistently caring, Colleen. Such a sweet reaction and act of support for his teammate, Nora. I loved this and thank you for taking the time to capture those precious words here. 🙂


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