33 thoughts on “Not Broken

  1. Indeed Colleen, indeed. When I hauled fuel we carried 58,000 liters (about 15,000 US Gallons)in each load with two trailers at a time – around 100,000 pounds of flammable, explosive, environmentally dangerous, mutagenic gasoline. Confidence was a requirement second only to having a driver’s licence. We would literally get drivers who would loose their confidence and we would have to send out another driver to finish the run. Doing a quick straw poll,we figured that only about 10% of tractor-trailer drivers had the confidence to haul fuel.

    We had a hard time getting balance between confidence and over-confidence. We found that confidence had to be coupled with situational awareness and self-awareness or it would morph into either over-confidence or loss of confidence.For those who had confidence,it took some positive reinforcement for them to get it back after an accident or serious incident.

    You are exact right Colleen – I had seen many whose confidence was shaken but they could get it back. It was those who were pretending to have confidence who cracked.

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