He Called Me Darlin’

I went in for a coffee and sandwich.

It was busy considering the actual lunch hour had passed.

People were looking stressed behind the counter.  And others on my side of the counter were rolling their eyes.

I placed my order and stepped to the far end waiting for my sandwich.  There were numerous order takers but appeared to be only one order maker.  He made a few sandwiches before getting to mine.   I played with my phone and tried to look unbothered by the angst on my side of the counter.

Then I heard it.   Quiet.  So as not to be heard.   I leaned in and said to the tall, young man making all of the orders, “are you singing?”

He said yes, it’s how he stays “easy”.

I smiled and said “that makes me happy.  I think more people should sing.”

He said “it would help”.

I waited a few more minutes and he handed me my sandwich and said “here you go darlin’, sorry about the wait”.

I told him I wasn’t.