On The Edge

On the edge of the world


On The Edge

It takes courage for me.

To sit on the edge.

There is nothing to stop me.

I fear the climb

I fear the fall

I fear not climbing

I fear not risking the fall.

To go

To do

Whether the world sees

Or ignores.

It takes courage.

I do not dare

Avoid the edge.

The challenge






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24 thoughts on “On The Edge

  1. Okay… I’ll just be sitting over here…

  2. Life is always about taking the risk when it is necessary to risk. Great picture!

  3. cindy knoke says:

    Beautiful & good for you!

  4. inmycorner says:

    Oh – I love this “edgy” post, Colleen! You are always on the precipice of something really big – always – no matter what. I’d frame this one!

  5. This has me gasping for breath. Awesome, Colleen. ❀ ❀ ❀

  6. Marissa pretty much said my comment: happy to sit and watch you. lol I wouldn’t want to be looking down over that cliff. πŸ˜‰

  7. russtowne says:

    Many of the most glorious sights and can only be experienced when one is on the edge touching the sky, whether of a mountaintop, or on the edge touching one’s heart and spirit.
    Thank you for the reminder, Colleen.

  8. Perfect for an edgy sort of morning Colleen. I don’t know how you do it, but when I visit with you, I’m always aware of where I need to be. Such a wonderful picture.

  9. ksbeth says:

    and you will fly –

  10. I’ll need to come back to read this before I do my first major public speaking gig. It’s 5 months away, but I’m already losing sleep over it for multiple reasons. Sigh. Stretching oneself is hard.

  11. reocochran says:

    This reminds me of Old Man’s Cave in Logan and Rising Park in Lancaster, Ohio. I love to look far and wide from a perch, but as I get older, I am less likely to hang my legs down. Sad, but true. My feet fall asleep!

  12. Reblogged this on Peter's pondering and commented:
    Just look at this fantastic post from Colleen. What a great image to illustrate what so may of us feel from time to time.

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