It Isn’t About Politics

I believe some people have forgotten what the presidency of the United States is about.

It isn’t politics.

It’s trust.  And faith.   And hope.

And leadership.

Dignity and decorum.

It’s about people, every day people, who live in this country.   And these people work hard, and harder, for their family, their country, and for themselves.   These people want their work to have value.  They want to support their families and still have time to breathe.   These people want to know where this country is going and they want to support that direction.   All the while still providing for their own little part of the country.

These people want hope.   They want to believe in the possibility being here affords everyone.  They want to believe in possibility, period.

The people want a leader.  A leader who earns respect, and gives respect.

On one of the definitions of politics is:  “use of intrigue or strategy in obtaining any position of power or control, as in business, university, etc.”   Stop with the politics of putting someone in a place of authority and command.  There shouldn’t need to be a strategy.   There should be a need for truth, ideas, direction, ability and trust.  And the person who best exemplifies what this country needs, should win.  

And the person elected should fill us with anticipation, confidence, and promise.

My life, and my country, deserve better than the game of politics being played out.

This isn’t about politics.

It’s about everything that politics have excluded.

We should demand better.

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41 thoughts on “It Isn’t About Politics

  1. tric says:

    Looking on I have thought from the first day, that if Donald Trump wins it will prove, money buys you anything in the US.
    Thankfully now you are nearing the end line I can see a shift at last.
    Over here I know most people cannot understand why anyone would consider voting for him, and my children are the first generation I know who are looking at the US and do not for a moment think ‘What a great country’.
    Sad but true.
    What ever the result America has a lot to do to win the respect of the world once more. (In my opinion)


    • Tric, it isn’t just him. Though he sure does blaze a path.

      And what you said is exactly what I fear. That your children do look at us and not think we are a wonderful country. The sad thing is, we very much are. The majority of the people that the world does not see in viral video clips and media plunging are the same people that work hard, raise their children to be respectful and tolerant and generous, that want things to move forward….we’re still here. I feel like the people of America are like the Whovillians, the characters in Dr. Seuss’s HORTON HEARS A WHO.

      WE’RE STILL HERE!!!!!!!

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  2. It’s embarrassing to watch what is going on with our presidential nominees. But you are right Colleen, there are the hardworking everyday people that hold this country up, who don’t get any credit and certainly do deserve better!


  3. You mean it isn’t about 2 people slamming each other mercilessly while we sit at home eating popcorn?


  4. M. L. Kappa says:

    Too true. It’s all so depressing…


  5. Absolutely. This whole campaign has lost sight of all those hard working people and the hope they (we) all hold in their hearts for the land that gives us the opportunity to work hard live well and succeed. Instead a mockery is being made of all that is good and pure, the thing, that tangible quality we were all attracted to, when we first got here. Sigh.


  6. Perfect.
    D.e.p.r.e.s.s.i.n.g. Where do we go rock bottom? 😦


  7. You describe so beautiful, what all this election is about Colleen 🙂
    Where I live, no one understand, how anyone can even think to vote at Trump. A country need a worthy leader with something good between the ears. Great thoughts for the country, so people feel the hope and joy to find life good.


    By: Patricia Salamone

    Can you hear the rumbling? If you listen close you might. Can you see despair and poverty? It is an awful sight! Can you hear the children crying out in pain? Can you see their faces as they’re calling out in vain?
    Each day you line your pockets. Is that your only goal? Is human life so meaningless you let degradation take its toll? Do you see how …you are destroying the only world which we know? We trusted you to lead us and this is all you have to show?
    You keep your little circle tight, with nothing but the best. Once this world is finished, you’ll go down with all the rest. Promises you made mean nothing any more. You will say anything you need to get you in the door.
    If you think we’re not aware of what is coming down. If you think this can go on, you really are a clown. Quietly we gather; one by one we come. Silently we move while all of you are having fun.
    We are tired of your grabbing, and never giving back. We are angry you’ve betrayed us. We are about to crack. You have lost sight of what you’re there for; to lead, and not to take. Your Greed has taken flight, your Pride, a big mistake.
    Can you hear the rumbling?  If you listen close you might

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  9. Dignity and decorum–I think we lost that several presidents ago.


  10. reocochran says:

    Colleen, you captured the reality of the current presidential race.
    I am not sure how this will end but I have hope that at least the different government “checks and balances” will prohibit a travesty. I know we all may have different opinions but I did not feel that President Barack Obama was a “bad” nor scandalous leader. Just in case someone who thinks they all have been rotten. . .


    • Just like the rest of us mortals, I suppose they all have foibles and issues. But I’d like for the president of the USA to not be acting like these 2 are acting. You make a good point, I hope the travesties can be averted by the chcks/balances system.


  11. Reblogged this on sherriemiranda1 and commented:
    I have not heard it better said than this! We, the people, deserve the best from our highest leader. 😔😌😒😢
    Peace, love & justice for all,


  12. Totally agree with you, and I think a time long ago (1950 and before) that actually existed. Then the almighty dollar, and the interest groups got thrown into the mix…


  13. Colleen for President………….and Prime Minister!!!


  14. Plectrumm says:

    I stumbled across this post while randomly searching under “politics” just now. It’s dated Oct 14th, with the latest comment on Dec 3rd. Given the outrage from whichever faction loses the election for the presidency, it would be easy to assume this anger would propagate action to convince more people their side was right in this epic struggle for power?

    I’ve voted in every election since the 1980 presidential race, where I voted for Reagan, but voted against him in 1984. Not once did it ever involve a “Party Line” for me, then in 2004 I came to the realization this us verses them mentality was cancerous.

    The problem as I see it, is we have way too much complacency and welfare. These programs linked by their cause and effect. The idea of attacking poverty is well intended, but has partially lead to more entitlements. The real lack of progress in limiting the issue of poverty has caused many to lend toward a more disenfranchised attitude about involvement, thus driving down voter participation.

    Politicians are inexplicably tied to being “Re-elected” and spend far too much of their efforts not legislating?

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  15. infinitee00 says:

    Don’t forget about the fact that this strategy… isn’t a strategy at all. It’s money, and as it still stands and has been said for years “Money is the root of all EVIL.”


  16. hablamanos says:

    I like your spirit. I write about Latino culture and where we fit in in this country now-a-days. I’ve had problems with continuing the hope despite obstacles and disparaging words. I think the election results really give all sane and loving people a taste of the feeling of hopelessness even people who aren’t use to it. We need to unit and learn our history and worth as well as others that’s what’s gonna do it. Thanks


  17. MzSusanB says:

    This nation was founded by people who hoped for better tomorrows. They left behind all they knew, all that was comfortable and familiar, and settled in the wilderness. Some wanted religious freedom — freedom to worship, or not worship, as they chose; others wanted the economic freedom — to succeed or fail depending on their own fortunes. To me, the decision to run for office could be a difficult one, but it isn’t — I want to help people like me and most of the people I know, hourly wage earners who work hard and are taxed harder.


    • I think we’ve sometimes lost focus of what an elected official is….a worker….just like us. Someone who is supposed to help, to protect, sometimes to guide, but always ‘with’ us. Thank you for your comment. I really appreciate it.


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