It ain’t easy

Pushing my book on everyone.

It’s hard work

Especially on the ego.

But if you were ever little

Or know someone who is little

You might like it.

Bringing a Good Book

My name is C Faherty Brown

And I endorse this message.

Here is the wonderful and handy link if you would like to check it out:



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18 thoughts on “Endorsed

  1. bikebrown says:

    Po says buy this book for the little person in you.

  2. It’s a wonderful book and deserves to be put out there. ❤

  3. Tell me about it! We have trouble getting people to our gigs just because I hate begging my friends to come. You should have included the link here.

    • It’s so hard isn’t it? It’s not easy begging people to pay attention, look, look, look at what we do!!!!!!

      I keep assuming people see the link at the bottom of each posting, but I shouldn’t assume that. Here it is: http://www.lulu.com/shop/c-faherty-brown/when-i-was-little/paperback/product-22878616.html
      and I’ll add it to this post too.

      • Yes, you have to be a bit pushy with these things even though for us introverted writers, it’s not in our nature. I want to read the book, but honestly, it’s a bit pricey for me. I’m used to getting my books at thrift stores and libraries.

        • I know it’s pricey. I’m so sad about it. The last book I got to set the price (as long as it was at least the amount the publisher needed to get out of it). This time THEY set the price at OVER 23 dollars! I was shocked. I finally figured out how to put a discount on it but I still think it was too high. I finally went on and gave it the biggest “discount” I could. But if anyone buys it it will get me 34 cents. Woot. 😉

  4. Share a link for such a book, Colleen, than we can do our best to help you 🙂

  5. No need to push it – I ordered it several posts ago. Doing a major catch up of reading as I’ve been busy on other matters and blog posts and reading had to take a backseat for a while. Looking forward to the book and thank you, Colleen, for making me smile so often.

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