I Will Not Die Differently

I will not die differently than anyone else.

I will breathe one last breath.

My heart will beat one last pulse.

My eyes will see one last vision.

My ears will hear one last sound.

I will think one last thought.

I will experience one last emotion.

The last tear.

A final sigh.

A closing smile.

There will be a final gratitude.

There will be no reprieve.

I won’t live here any longer.



I will begin








25 thoughts on “I Will Not Die Differently

  1. I have that same hope, Colleen. Although we’re so often a very divided people, we will all have those same last moments. In a long list of uncertainties, this is certain!


  2. It would be such a wonderful life, after all.
    Hope most people will live long lives and fulfill many hopes and dreams. It is sometimes as we wish or hope, but once in awhile it is totally unexpected and sad in life’s brevity.


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