If You Win….

You are a servant of this country.

Serve us well.

You are a leader of many.

Don’t forget any of us.

You should lead by example.

Is the example you have given us the best we will get?

You must earn our respect.

It will not be given freely.

You have a responsibility to this country, and this world.

Don’t take it lightly.

We value the dignity this office should carry,

Please bring more dignity to the office than you did to the campaign to get there.

You need wisdom, ethics and values,

I beg you to display these characteristics.

If you win,

It’s not about you.   It’s about every one of us.

Whoever you are…

God bless you.

If you win,

God bless us.


29 thoughts on “If You Win….

  1. I wish the polls weren’t revealing what I feared would happen. Up at past midnight on voting night. We will learn to adjust, thank God we have “checks and balances!” Hugs, Robin xo


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