Heart Receiving

I told my friend the other day of how lucky I am to have so many kindnesses extended to me as of late.  I listed some of them, including her having bought me a coffee.  She said she “only” brought me a coffee.  She needs to know how much I value that thought, that action.

The size of a kindness

Is measured by the heart receiving.

Not in comparison to other kind acts

But only

In the size of the thought of a kindness

And the feeling received.

I am humbled by the thought

And giving

Of another.

26 thoughts on “Heart Receiving

  1. Coffee is big! I remember when I worked at Macy’s and the girls would all go for coffee and sometimes I wasn’t offered any. It wasn’t a nice feeling…even if I don’t drink coffee…nice to be asked and thought of.


  2. Spontaneous acts of giving (or kindness) warm my heart, Colleen. Children have this whole thing “down pat.” A flower, leaf or picture they drew are extra special when offered with a little shyness displayed. Aw, shucks, you just gave ME a gift in this post!


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