Let Thy Will Be Done

I believe in the prayer

“Let Thy will be done”,


We don’t know what His will is,

So I continue to pray

For what I hope

For what I desire

For what I desperately


In this world.

Whoever it is

I’m praying for.

I don’t know His will

But I know

He wants me to pray.

28 thoughts on “Let Thy Will Be Done

  1. It’s scary. We have free will. How will we proceed in this life? My failsafe is praying for a miracle when things go awry. Prayer works. We join with others and gather strength. We are not alone. Sometimes it’s hard to feel connected but when that healing connection happens-sanctuary.


    • I have begun that process Cindy, of turning my prayers around. I don’t ‘ask’ for ‘things’. I start with thanks, always. And then ask for strength and guidance to do what I’m supposed to do. But, I will offer up prayers of hope and healing for those in need.


  2. Go to God in silence – be still and listen for His voice – not your wants or what you think God wants but truly seek His will for you and He will reveal it. It may not come right away – he may be asking for you to sit Him for days or even weeks, remember His timing is perfect.


  3. I like the words, “Thy will be done,” so much. My second kind of prayer is the Serenity Prayer. It was on a ceramic plate by my mom’s kitchen sink. I ask for strength, courage and serenity often, as it is expressed in those simple words.
    Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours, Colleen. xo


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