He Doesn’t Know Any Other Way To Exist

I had to go somewhere today.  Where, isn’t really important.

I had to talk to someone today.  Who, isn’t really important.


I met someone along the way.  And he and I went together to talk to someone else.

While continuing along the way, a small child somehow appeared, between me and this man.

I didn’t see him heading towards us.

But suddenly he was between us.

And he had his arm around me before I was completely aware of what was happening.

I looked down into his child face.

And he looked up with pure delight in his face.  Instinctively I put my arm on his shoulders and smiled.  I couldn’t resist.

He smiled up, with his head fully back, and his smile on full charm.  I have a feeling he doesn’t know any other way to exist.  He had his coat on.  With his hood snuggly around his beautiful face.

I said “why, you’re a hugger aren’t you?”

He smiled some more and said hello.


Someone called him over.

He looked there, and back up to smile some more.

He stepped away.

And that quickly, I felt abandoned when he walked away.


It was the high point of my day.

Unsolicited.  Pure.  Radiating.  Joy.

32 thoughts on “He Doesn’t Know Any Other Way To Exist

  1. Just the perfect moment in time, Colleen. I sensed the positive energy flowing from the start of this. How it was going to be carried out, I wasn’t sure but there was suspense and anticipation here.
    I could have had happy “chills” (on “American Idol,” Jennifer Lopez says “goosies.”) but instead it was unadulterated Joy! 🙂


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