You, Smugly There

I sat.  Quietly.   Looking at you.

Contemplating.  Pondering.  Considering.  Whichever way of thinking about this you prefer.

It’s fascinating, when you think about it, which is redundant to consider thinking about thinking.  But there you have it.  It’s fascinating to know how much a brain can process, contemplate, consider, disregard, reconsider, and then make a decision on, in such a short period of time.

My thoughts were twirling as I sat and stared at you.

How to respond.

How to react.

Should I speak so very softly, to make you strain to hear.

Should I rally and rail, thunder and bellow.

Should I stand and smash my fist on the table.

Should I shove the table into you.

Should I glare and stare and try to force you to understand.  Knowing that the attempt to force you to do anything was a practice in futility.

But who doesn’t need a good practice run at futility once in awhile?

I did none of these things.

As you well know.

I stood up silently.  Glancing at you smugly there.  And felt peace.  As I walked away.  Leaving you behind.

Not wasting energy on you.

Knowing, I don’t need you.

You, who I cannot control,

Change, or

Want in my life.

Your smugness

Is ugly.

What is it

That you sit across from?

32 thoughts on “You, Smugly There

  1. I’m still thinking on this. Yes, smug is done, finished, gone..who needs it..not I. Besides my energy goes to the very other side of being self-satisfied and pompous. Golden thoughts don’t roll like that. Peace


  2. I am not sure I have had someone in the same room as I who was smug like this. I am not a silent person, so probably would “waste my breath” on him or her.
    I admire your silence and thinking processes, Colleen. ❤


  3. Walking past the window……..YES, totally excellent. For this I think I would resort to cursing the opposite person/being/object/thought with the fleas of a thousand camels and a myriad of locusts, spiders, and scorpions. Not that I have a vindictive streak hiding in me or anything like that!


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