Chocolate Milk Lessons

I told her that listening to other people and how they feel about something or someone should not be a determination on how she feels about something.

She wasn’t sure what I meant.

I handed her her chocolate milk.

I told her that if I did not like chocolate milk, and I told her that, and as a result she never tried chocolate milk, she would have lost out on knowing how much she likes chocolate milk.

That, she decided, was not very smart at all.

I told her it’s like people.  If I, or others in her life, tell her they don’t like someone, and as a result, she never gets to know them, she might lose out on getting to know someone she may have really enjoyed having in her life.

That, she decided, was not something she would want to do.

I caught myself being wise today.

Doesn’t happen often.

27 thoughts on “Chocolate Milk Lessons

  1. Oh, Colleen! This could be a title for your next book. . . Just expand your mind embracing “chocolate milk lessons” across all sorts of topics! Your wisdom really resonated with me, Colleen. 🙂


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