The Most Cheerful Of

I arrived early.  She greeted me with a smile and the most cheerful of “good mornings”.

She had me sign in and showed me where to wait.

For the next ten minutes, every child who walked in that door, and there were buses of them, was greeted with the most cheerful of “good mornings” as they started their school day.

No matter the response she received, or didn’t receive, she was as cheerful for the next child as she was for the last.

And the cheerful greeting had varying impacts:

Indifference and ignored.

Shy and bashful, quiet response “good morning”.

Loud and smiley “good morning”.

Surprise and startled “oh, good morning”.

Tired and half asleep “uh….hi.”

Skippity doo dah “gooooood morning too!”

Suspicious look over the shoulder with a scurry through the door.

And one, very-happy-to-hear-so-much-cheer-coming-from-one-person, guest sitting in the lobby.  I know without a doubt she has an opportunity to make an impact every day.

And she does.