I, Travel

I, travel

Every day

To get where I’m going…

Some day.


I carry baggage.


The journey is full

Of courage building

Strength building

Stamina building.


I abandon trappings of travel,

Ofttimes shouldering the weight too long.


I travel

By light

And in the dark.

Not always sure footed in either,

Stumbling often.


This travel

Can be fair-

Exhilarating and enthralling,

Distance passing quickly underfoot.

And comfort found

In places

And people.


I travel forward-

Weary or primed.


Always traveling-

To go back.

Some day.


I, travel.


I, Travel

51 thoughts on “I, Travel

  1. This captures the very essence of travel; the stamina which one must possess and which will come once you start moving, the courage which is found in the most terrifying of places, and the weight which must be shouldered some times and put down in other times.
    Great job mate!

    Liked by 1 person

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