The Memory Of A Monster

When you’ve slain a monster

You still expect to see it

In nightmares

And around random corners.


Having slain it once

You know now

Your fear is your courage.

And the monster is but a memory.

And you

Still stand.

You are better than, tougher than, more real than…..your monster.

27 thoughts on “The Memory Of A Monster

  1. Yes there are moments in many days when we feel proud and strong, we slayed a monster, and there are quiet moments in many days when the small girl we still are weeps and remembers.
    Victory is not always loud but it is something to be very proud of. Well done you.


  2. Hello old friend. I’m back blogging and couldn’t wait to say hello. How ironic that I choose the day you talk about slaying monsters. As you know, I have had to slay many a monster over the years and your post reminds me, I have nothing to fear from them anymore. Glad you are still a source of inspiration for so many people. Much love, Steven.


    • Steven, I commented on your blog but need to catch up on my comments here. You have no idea how grateful I am to see you back. I’m glad you opened the door back with this post. You have indeed slain many a monster. Thank you for your kind words. But more so, for coming back!!!! Much love returned ! colleen


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