From The Menace Approaching

I had a dream last night.

I was sitting.

And someone, who’s face I cannot recall, large and bulking approached me.

Menacingly.   Threatening.

Visible and verbal aggression advanced.

In human form.  Upon two feet.  It felt both normal.  And alien.


And as if I was bad-ass reincarnated, and as if my life was a movie, I dropped my head slightly.  Without, of course, taking my eyes from the menace approaching.  Slowly, so slowly, I stood up.  And as I stood, even slower I raised my head back up.

Approaching Monster


Quiet and softly.

But with every ounce of confidence and power I have never felt in life.

I said:

Are you sure you want to do that.

Facing Aggression

Never in my life, imagined or otherwise, have I felt so amazingly in control and sure of myself and my strength, as I did at that moment.  In that dream.

Facing Fear

I woke from this dream.

Bad Ass

And smiled.