Stop Hating On Santa

I told my children about Santa.

I told them he was kind and generous.

I allowed them to believe in the story,

Because I believed in the idea of him.

It does not make me a liar.

It makes me a parent who allowed my children

To believe in magic, hope, anticipation and childhood.

It means I loved the idea of generosity, sharing, and giving.

I believe in telling stories that highlight character and humanity.

Stories are told to teach, to guide, to give hope.

This story

Allows us to suspend reality while we travel in the creativity of goodness.

Stop calling me a liar

For believing in Santa Claus

And allowing my children to be full of wonder and light and love.

I’m grateful that the kindness of Santa is something that

Takes hold and lives in the hearts and imaginations of children.


I have read one too many reports and seen one too many videos of people saying they will never tell their children the “lie” of Santa Claus.   It’s every parent’s right to teach what they want.  But don’t call me a liar because I allowed my children to believe in Santa Claus.  Better yet, to learn from having believed in him as a child,  to becoming grown ups who believe in the idea of him. Grown ups who live kindly in the shadow of having believed as a child.  I don’t care if others choose to not tell the story or don’t allow their children this belief. But I do not appreciate the negative connotation implied when “lie” is uttered in these statements.