One More

I don’t want to place an entire year’s worth of burden on a one second time change tonight.  So instead of wishing for a full happy new year, I’ll start a little smaller.

I hope tomorrow that all of my friends, family, loved ones, or just kind of liked ones wake up safe and sound.   I hope the same people wake up a little happier than when they went to sleep.  I hope every one weighs one ounce less than when they went to sleep, or one ounce more, depending on their weight wishes.  I hope any aches are a little less painful, and a little more bearable.  I hope that there is one more smile during their day, than there was today.  I hope there is one less reason to cry.

I hope there is one more laugh.   One more story to read.   One more brilliant idea to act on.   One  more step  taken to achieving a goal.  I hope for one more prayer said for someone else.   One more kind act taken on behalf of a stranger.

One more thank you would be nice.   One grateful acknowledgement of someone in your life.   One more selfless act.

I hope everyone can look in the mirror and wink back at that charming face grinning at them.

I hope there is a little less hate in an angry heart.

I hope there is good food shared in fellowship.

One more hand than yesterday reaching out to someone else.

I hope there is one more person singing a Doo Wah Ditty or Twinkle Star kind of song.   One more person being sung to.

One more heart feeling the burst of new love.   One more heart healed and ready to love.

I hope for a moment, for everyone, every day.   A good moment.   A reflective moment.   A prayerful moment.   A love moment.  A friend moment.  A happy moment.  A content moment.   A contemplative moment.  A peaceful moment.

I hope for everyone to believe in the value of a moment.

A moment of power.

A minute to be alone.

A minute to share.

A moment of thanks.   Thank you for the moments you spent reading my thoughts.   Talking to me.  Listening to me.  Being with me.

36 thoughts on “One More

  1. Please, Colleen, more than one more story from you – more than one more inspiration from you, more than one more of everything in your life. What a beautiful post. I love it. I will take it with me into 2017 and make it my own (promise to give you credit – grin). Now – if there were only one more Colleen the world would be a better place! Wishing you a very healthy and happy 2017, my friend!


  2. Thank you for this, Colleen! Wonderful post that shows how we can both wish for greater things on a broad scale (a fabulous 2017 as a whole) as well as for greater things on a smaller scale, like many wonderful breaths and moments. I’ve missed your posts and I can see they haven’t declined in quality at all.

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