The Difference

I don’t think we dream about things that are impossible.

But we seem to wish for things we don’t want to put effort into having.

Too Lazy To Do


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28 thoughts on “The Difference

  1. ksbeth says:

    very true, colleen –


  2. April says:

    A wise thought….hmmmmm


  3. bikebrown says:

    What a powerful insight to our nature.

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  4. goldenbrodie says:

    Excellent…dreams can be so taxing and can set high expectations…mine do anyway. So just thinking simple thoughts can lead to simple expectations. You nailed it again.


  5. Colleen in her natural state…


  6. My goal this year. Not one for resolutions, I’m keeping it simple. No high expectations. You are so perfectly apt Colleen.

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  7. I do this on my phone all the time! “I wish I were doing something more interesting with my life” “I wish I were outside” “I wish I were reading a book” I think as I scroll through Facebook some more


  8. jmgoyder says:

    I was feeling a sense of despair (again!) then I saw this post and was re-heartened. Thankyou!

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