When The Credits Rolled

I dreamed a little dream last night.

Nothing big enough to write a musical around or a national motivational and life changing speech.  But it made me wake up and chuckle.

I was in the grocery store.  And I ran into Ellen Degeneres.  I didn’t want to go all fangirl on her. In my dream I was telling myself to play it cool.  She didn’t need me fawning.  So I was casual.  So cool….  We were in line together.  Then we were standing in someone’s house.  We were talking while standing in line, then standing in someone’s house.  Just regular talk.  Ellen kept tilting her head looking at me.  Finally she said “I know you.  You look so familiar”.

I wasn’t sure how she would know me.  I knew we had never met.

Ellen Degeneres said ..  “I have your books at my house.  You look just like your books.”

I was flattered that I looked like my books.

I knew to not over react.  Don’t blow my chance here.  I wanted to tell her “MENTION MY BOOK ON THE AIR” and people would buy it.  But I didn’t say that because that would have been crass.

So I thanked her.  For having my books at her house.  In my dream I thought that was pretty neat.  That Ellen Degeneres had my books at her house.  That alone made me feel euphoric.  Dream euphoric.

There was a shelf behind her head.  Unimportant to the telling of this, but it was there.

Then she rolled the credits for her show.  The credits named my book and how to get them.  Then the credits said to call me if anyone needed help protecting the elderly.

Way to go Ellen Degeneres.

Thank you.