The Pianist Played

One evening I was sitting on the porch of a friend’s home.

I don’t remember why I was out there alone.  But I remember the evening.  I was sitting on the porch swing.  The house was on my left, the street was on my right.  The house was brick.  There was a ceiling fan swirling.  It always swirled, they never turned it off.

I gently drifted back and forth.

The lights were on in the house.  Glowing yellow from the family room, through the darkened front room no one sat in.

Quiet family noises were coming from within.

Then, he started to play.

Her brother was a pianist.

And I drifted back and forth.  Softly.  While music I didn’t know, floated out into the night, surrounding me.

I didn’t recognize one single piece he played.  Because I knew nothing about music.

But I felt music.

And, for that short time that I was out there alone, and the pianist played….

No one heard it like I heard it, or felt it, or absorbed it like I did.

I allowed myself to own that music.  On that porch.  In the dark.  I owned it.

I claim it still, today.

That night, when the pianist played, it created in me a memory.

And that, makes it mine.

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27 thoughts on “The Pianist Played

  1. Debra says:

    What a sweet memory. The setting surely added to the beauty of the moment, but I do believe music is a strong memory maker! Wouldn’t the pianist be thrilled to know you remember this event with such fondness!


  2. I doesn’t seem like you know nothing about music ti me!


  3. rugby843 says:

    Lovely writing.


  4. tric says:

    Wow. That was the equivalent in writing!


  5. ksbeth says:

    it is yours to keep, forever. great poem, colleen –


  6. Sounds like a magnificent experience!


  7. You paint a vivid picture. I can see and feel it. Lovely!


  8. inmycorner says:

    Imagine, your own concerto – no one but you can hear it now. You always have, Colleen, danced to the tune of a different pianist! Bravo! I’ve always been a bit off -key myself, so this post really struck a chord with me.


  9. mewhoami says:

    What a beautiful moment. It is yours, to claim for as long as you wish. That moment was made for you.


  10. A wonderful vision I have of your memory, all yours. Thank you for sharing.


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