Baggage Claim

You Can't Carry ItWe all pack our things differently.  We might be tidy and conservative, using the same method always for folding and organizing.  Keeping as much order as possible.  Or we might just ball everything up with no concern about what is packed where.

Some of us may never unpack, choosing to keep stuffing stuff in there.  Some of us may unpack slowly.   Some of us may even let others help us unpack.  Some may carry as little as possible.  Some might not even remember what they’ve packed.

We’ve all had lost baggage, too much baggage, strained muscles from carrying our baggage.  And days when we felt better for having put, at least some of it, down.

But none of us, can pack for someone else.

You don’t know what’s in someone else’s baggage.  Don’t assume you can lift it, carry it, or would know what to do with it if you opened it up.