A Never Happened Existence

I imagine…

When I imagine

Different life paths

I am sure I would have found the mountains

And Galway Bay leading across the ocean to the rock island

I am sure I would have found the desire

To explore

And create.

And that I am responsible 

For all that I am…or all that I am not.

I can generate what if’s and what abouts

and illustrate a never happened  existence.

I imagine the things I would have valued and learned to value

And the lessons I would have learned, and been part of teaching.

I imagine getting to where I am now

by different routes and crossways.

But what I cannot do

Is imagine my now-

The lessons learned, my values known, what makes my heart beat,

Not existing.


23 thoughts on “A Never Happened Existence

  1. I always think about this, what if I didn’t meet so-and-so or what if I chose to go somewhere else instead of where I went. And it is nice to think of those what-ifs but we are thinking of them with the knowledge and experience gained from our ‘DID’s 😀 We could have been entirely different people!! Thank you for writing this beautiful little post, Colleen, what a lovely thought.


    • Thank you OB. I don’t mind ‘wondering’ but only for fun. I would never want to reflect in a negative way ( lamenting and wishing away what I am now). I like to let my imagination play. But it is only play, because I cannot fathom life without the who’s and what’s I have now. 🙂


  2. I do sometimes think ‘what if?’ but usually it is a head shaking thought born out of fear that I might have taken a different path and my life been so much less than it is. I know how lucky I was at times to find a barely visible path and follow it.
    On one of those paths I found ‘yer man’ and have been rich ever since.


    • Thank you Paulette 🙂 Endless possibilities and I only think of the ‘what ifs’ in a fun and passing way. And really….don’t even do that unless someone poses a ‘what if’ kind of scenario.


  3. You so beautifully explore and then share your inner thoughts, Colleen. This is simply lovely to read and does make me think. I do at times wonder what my life would be had I made different career choices. But when I really think about what I might have had to sacrifice to do other things I am content with few complaints! 🙂


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