I know my inhibitions are part of who I am.


There are days

When all I want to do

Is lose

Those inhibitions.

I do imagine a liberation.

My liberation would still include….

(insert long list of things I would feel too obligated about to let go).

Let’s be honest,

I am too inhibited and restrained,

To be wild and free.

I am the way I am.

But I imagine it would feel amazing.


29 thoughts on “Inhibitions

  1. I love, love this sketch. It speaks of freedom, fire and fun and I haven’t a doubt that you possess all three and much more. You are so gifted when it comes to expressing yourself with your drawings. You never cease to bring joy to my heart while teaching me a lesson at the same time. I can be that uptight person too often and I’m trying to let go more often this year.


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