Do Something That Scares You

Do something that scares you

That you want to do


You know

That fear thing

Stops you.

Do Something That Scares You

For the record

I do not want to tight rope walk between two skyscrapers.

But there is plenty in life that I want to do

But I let fear dissuade me.

I will read this post

And try to convince myself I’m right.

And do those things that scare me.

28 thoughts on “Do Something That Scares You

  1. It is exhilarating to do things that are frightening to do (as you know) and our confidence grows. Now, I will be thinking about things that I have been afraid to do and haven’t done and might still do because it isn’t too late! LOL!


  2. Good advice. What do you do that scares you? I ‘make’ myself get on an airplane every few months. A necessity to visit family and friends, but each time the experience is excruciating. On the entirely different side of fear, I write my heart out every week and share it on a blog.


    • Anything with heights terrifies me.
      Every time I hit “publish” on this blog it terrifies me.
      Any time I speak up when I’m in the minority.
      So many things.

      And good for you!!!!! I totally get the writing it out on the blog part.


  3. Yes,” feel the fear and do it anyway.”
    Although my immediate thought (and it’s a joke!!!) was, ‘Go live in America’ (after Friday)

    Numerous times in my life I’ve felt that fear and did it anyway, one of my most remembered was on a ski trip when I was a skier who could go at quite a speed but hadn’t great control. we were at the top on an Olympic run and I was sure I was about to kill myself. We began promisingly slowly but soon after my speed built up and I passed my class and instructor, and tore down all the way to the bottom. They arrived a good while after, having stopped numerous times on the way down. Even reliving it here terrifies me! Just to let you know for a week all he ever called me was ‘speedy’.


    • I can imagine that fear and that adrenaline Tric!!!!!

      And as for Friday, I hope to remain positive and prayerful. We deserve that. I hope the measures in place protect us all. And I pray for guidance for the man to be our president so that he learns quickly about his role in doing what is right for the people.


  4. Bungie Jumping in Costa Rica and zip lining in Hawaii…I made myself on both to just “do it”. So glad I worked through the scary part…but I was still scared and now here to talk about it 🙂


    • Yeah….when I hike I have approached cliff’s edges. And NEVER get to where I can look over. It is horrifying to me. 🙂 Well, the one time the trail literally took us on the edge and there was no way to go. I got very up close and personal with the wall behind me. Good view. I could NOT look down…only out. 🙂


    • Well, I know I live ‘with’ fear. But I’m trying to not let it stop me.

      (And Tric is right! But I don’t want to go into this ‘dark night’ full of gloom and doom. I have to, MUST, pray for all of us. And for all of those people in places called “checks and balances”. ) 😉

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  5. That thing you’ve drawn (I dare not speak of it) has got to be the absolute last thing I would ever do on this earth.
    Okay, fine, aside from shooting an innocent person, I guess. Darn. I hope I never have to choose between that and the above illustrated unmentionable thing!!!


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