The Six O’Clock News

Mary Tyler Moore Thanks

It appears you made it.

You made it just fine.

Thank you.

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18 thoughts on “The Six O’Clock News

  1. Is it one of those kind of days that you finally made it through the day? 🙂

  2. Perfect ! Thanks. 💖

  3. You made it after fighting your way to work and then again going home? Was this a stormy day and you can’t believe your safe and sound at home? o_O Inquiring minds want to know. ❤

  4. goldenbrodie says:

    I appreciate the subtle approach..makes me pond and think. Good one.

  5. viveka says:

    Mary Tyler Moore???!!!! An icon from my youth.

  6. tarafaherty says:

    I understood and completely appreciate the reference and sentiment ❤

  7. reocochran says:

    Thanks, Colleen. I salute Mary Tyler Moore with you, let all our hats soar in unison!
    I think many women have been blessed with knowing MTM’s smile, gentle ways of pushing feminism, in wearing pants, in asking for fair wages, and for giving us “nerve” and “guts” to stand up to blustery, cranky bosses, like Lou Grant.
    Interesting enough, I liked her role as a nun in “Change of Habit.” Elvis and she looked so friendly but she said they never were more than friends. 🙂
    She was a “class act!!”

  8. ksbeth says:

    she always made me feel like i was going to make it and be okay, no matter what –

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