Even If You Are Wrong

There’s a huge difference between

“You’re not listening to me”


“You’re not agreeing with me”.

I can listen to you, accept your point, not agree,

And still like and respect you.

Even if you are wrong.


But the truth is

I am listening even ifI'm Listening

I still have a different opinion.


34 thoughts on “Even If You Are Wrong

  1. I have just come from the blog of a blatant racist…so I cannot always disagree but remain “friends”. I guess there are always going to be exceptions.


  2. I listen and agree people can be of different opinions and stay friends. 🙂 It is easier to remain coworkers if you learn to care about the person and try to understand them.
    Sometimes I have had to separate myself from a past friend, due to extreme differences. Sometimes the negative person becomes “toxic” and this is when I have to STOP listening.


      • Thanks for understanding this, Colleen. Only a rare few do I get totally disconnected, but knowing when to cut the ties is an invaluable way to increase our own lives.
        Listening may seem opposite from how I seem on my blog, since I may seem kind of “chatty” here. 😉
        I have been pretty good at paying attention and really listening, knowing how it feels to have a true friend. It helps to “be” one. I can tell you are already able to listen (and sigh.) 🙂


  3. I absolutely love listening to people who disagree with me on issues or have differing perspectives. I sometimes am left a little frustrated, I admit, because the listening doesn’t always flow both ways! But it’s an excellent practice!


    • I am often frustrated as well. But I have to own, I am sure I leave others just as frustrated. I have a horrible habit of “listening to respond” instead of listening to understand. It’s something I’ve been trying to do better at. And, my blog is about my daily ‘stuff’. So, here’s to ongoing lessons. 🙂


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