I thought in a whisper,

It escaped in a sigh.



So many things




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26 thoughts on “Whisper

  1. ksbeth says:

    let them out when you feel safe

  2. Jim McKeever says:

    Needed that this morning … and every morning the past 10 days.

  3. This is wonderful Colleen! So simple yet so wonderful!

  4. Val Boyko says:

    Let the sighs release what needs to be released from mind and body. This is a time for many exhales and turning the head gently from side to side. 💕

  5. If I let out every thought I had, I’d never get anything done. Someone tell me where is the stop thinking switch. 😉

  6. Isn’t it marvellous what a sigh can do for you. Do you think that, if we arrange a synchronised sigh throughout the world, all of life’s woes would disappear as if they had never existed? Now, wouldn’t that be great!

  7. goldenbrodie says:

    What a lovely soft sigh.

  8. russtowne says:

    Reblogged this on Imaginings of a Grateful Man and commented:
    I love this. It is a writer’s dilemma. I need to write thoughts and ideas down or lose them.
    With Love,

  9. reocochran says:

    Yes, but sometimes mine comes out in a loud snort or an exasperated, “huhhh!”

  10. Ocean Bream says:

    Sighs are important too.

    • They can be loaded with so much…..if we listen. Or express them.

      • Ocean Bream says:

        ‘If we listen’ – sometimes we just need to listen. Although sighs can be misinterpreted too! It’s incredible how the mere expulsion of air from the lungs can signify so much about the turmoil within a person. Once I sighed during a meeting because I had a stomach ache and my boss looked at me and said, rather coldly, ‘Do you have a problem?’, assuming that I was sighing in response to what she had just said! They carry so much meaning, you are right!

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