A Dress On Purpose

I have no desire to wear a dress.

I would be completely out of my element

And out of my comfort zone.

But props and respect

To every person I see

Who wears a dress

When someone isn’t making them.

I mean

People wear them on purpose.

A Dress On Purpose

I don’t get it.

But apparently

Women by the hundreds

Maybe even thousands


To wear a dress for no reason.

Every single day.

Hundreds of them.

I nearly told a few of them today that dresses are not appropriate wear

For days off.

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23 thoughts on “A Dress On Purpose

  1. Ocean Bream says:

    Hahahaha, hilarious! My mum used to put me in dresses and I really didn’t mind until I hit puberty, of course, and then they just felt so awkward and uncomfortable on my body. So I hated them, and stopped wearing them for a good nine-ten years. Now I do wear them sometimes, and yes, on purpose! 😀


  2. Not dresses, but I wear a lot of skirts, weather-permitting. I like the air flow and find them more comfy than most fitted pants.


  3. Ha ha ha.I prefer long sundresses (with a bit of sleeve, thank you) in summer but the rest of the time, I love my jeans–I must–I wear them all the time. 😀


  4. Hahaha! 😀 😀


  5. mewhoami says:

    Coming from a farm in the country those flowing things used to be a foreign concept, but now I wear them. Although, nothing beats a nice comfortable pair of pants that you don’t have to worry about flying above your head in the wind.


  6. taylormitch says:

    Its sometimes nice to step out of our comfort zones….Variety is the spice of life!


  7. Debra says:

    I am glad we have the option! I have some beautiful dresses…I just never seem to wear them!


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