A Dress On Purpose

I have no desire to wear a dress.

I would be completely out of my element

And out of my comfort zone.

But props and respect

To every person I see

Who wears a dress

When someone isn’t making them.

I mean

People wear them on purpose.

A Dress On Purpose

I don’t get it.

But apparently

Women by the hundreds

Maybe even thousands


To wear a dress for no reason.

Every single day.

Hundreds of them.

I nearly told a few of them today that dresses are not appropriate wear

For days off.

23 thoughts on “A Dress On Purpose

  1. Hahahaha, hilarious! My mum used to put me in dresses and I really didn’t mind until I hit puberty, of course, and then they just felt so awkward and uncomfortable on my body. So I hated them, and stopped wearing them for a good nine-ten years. Now I do wear them sometimes, and yes, on purpose! 😀


  2. Coming from a farm in the country those flowing things used to be a foreign concept, but now I wear them. Although, nothing beats a nice comfortable pair of pants that you don’t have to worry about flying above your head in the wind.


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