Disney Update

I wrote a review of our recent Disney World trip.

I then searched until I found a place at Disney where I could at least send a question.  I sent a question asking where I could send a review.

I received an immediate email telling me I would get a response within 7 days from a Disney representative.  By day four I had received an email thanking me for contacting them, and telling me how and where I could send my review.

I sent my review and two days later called the number listed on the email I received.  The person who sent me the email answered.  One ring.  Live person.   Score for Disney!!!

I told the person I just wanted to make sure my email had gone through because I had included a link in the email.  She knew who I was and what I was referring to.  She assured me she had the email but she was still following up on a few things.  We arranged to speak the next day by phone again to continue our conversation.  After some phone tag we connected.

Maria is the “cast member” I spoke with.

Maria spent over half an hour on the phone with me.  We went over all of the points I made on my review.

There were some things that I was not aware of.  For example, we should have registered with the hotel or guest services before going to the parks to use our Magic Bands.  Though in hind site that seems like it makes total sense, we did not know to do it initially.  The conversations leading up to our visit, and the information we had received, did not indicate to us to do that.   Though, to be fair to Disney, I can’t know if I read every detail of every bit of information we were sent.   So, lesson learned.  If we go to Disney again in the future, and fly in earlier than we can check into our hotel we ‘can’ go to the parks first.  We just need to register with guest relations before using the Magic Bands.  It may entail another line, but at least I know this now.  This would not have resolved all of the Magic Band issues we faced because of other issues that we dealt with.  But, it is information for the future.

Maria listened to my concerns and took notes.  She is going to have someone actually check the bed in the room we used.  And she is going to look into what may have cause the smell and even discussed with me some things they could do, on their part, to address smells in rooms in the future.

After discussing all of the concerns regarding the hotel I was honest with Maria and told her I would not opt to stay at that hotel again.  We had a better experience at a different hotel, and I would go back there or try a new one in the future.  I would like to make it clear that the people we dealt with at that hotel (except for whoever was responsible for toilet paper!) were as kind as they could be.  But as far as the hotel it’s self, I’ll choose somewhere else if possible.

Maria listened to me regarding prices of the food as well.  I know she can’t really do anything about it.  And I knew what the prices would be, but was still a bit shocked when the costs of food added up.  It is pricey to go on vacation.  And Disney is no exception in that area.

I do wish I had done a better job of keeping track of the staff, sorry, cast member’s, names who were so good if not fantastic at their jobs.  They really made a difference in our stay.  I feel I could have given them more acknowledgement.  I have long been told if someone is doing a good job thank them, but tell their boss!  So to all of the cast members who’s names I did not remember, my apologies.

We discussed the busing mix up.  I recognized after the mix up we should not have taken advice from the guard, but asked the bus people themselves.   One bus driver was not as exceptional as the others.  But….that happens.

Maria was kind, pleasant, and did not make me feel rushed in any way.  She appeared to take my concerns seriously.  I told her we’ve been very lucky to have now been to Disney twice.  It is often times a once in a lifetime kind of trip for people.   We truly hope to return for various reasons (involving children).  I admitted to Maria had this been a shorter visit, and we were plagued (maybe a bit strong of a word?) with this many issues I would have more upset.  But we had a longer visit and managed to see all we had hoped to.

Maria let me know she would be looking into issues after talking with me and I would receive follow up regarding the issues.

I thanked her for listening to me.  It felt amazing in this day of push button, email, no actual contact with humans communication, to feel heard.  I appreciated this.

Maria did let me know if we return I can contact her and we will be given some extra fast passes to rides.  Again, a nice gesture.  And if you like the rides at Disney, you will appreciate the time saver ‘Fast Passes’ can be.

So, I feel Disney has addressed my concerns.

And I felt a responsibility to report that as well.

Maybe….if I’m very lucky….Mickey Mouse will be glad to see me if I return.




20 thoughts on “Disney Update

  1. Wow, that is some incredible customer service. My goodness, kudos to them, that is all I can say! Wow. I am so glad that your concerns are dealt with, it must feel good to feel heard. That is certainly something we lack in this day and age (7 billion humans on the planet!!!). I think Mickey Mouse will be more than glad to see you at Disney next time, how could he not be! 🙂


  2. Stunning you talked to a real person, not recordings and umpteen punched buttons. Sounds Disney do care and try to keep a visitor’s time there enjoyable and try to improve where service is not working. I’m impressed.
    I bet lots of people don’t bother the way you have. You are a jewel for their business. 🙂


  3. This helps in so many ways others who have had some challenges at Disney. Great that you chose to take this path and got a response and some positive feedback on negative moments.
    When we went to Florida my ex and I were shocked at how much the experience was going I cost, talking to other people. We had two of his children and three of mine, bringing what we felt was an adequate amount of money. We ended up patching together fun without Disney. We went to Ripley’s Believe it or not museum, two water parks and went to the Walk where we are at Hard Rock Cafe and peeked into Emeril’s restaurant and bought each a t shirt saying Orlando. The next year we went to Daytona Beach, the next year to Myrtle Beach. Never took 5 kids to Disney. Now, I did go with my 16 year old daughter with her two friends who paid their way, for an adventure. They seemed to enjoy this and met my ex at each place we set up times and a schedule for the day. We saw shows and looked at gardens! 😀


    • I’m glad you found other things to do Robin. We could not afford this when our kids were little. And it’s not easy now. It takes saving and plans for sure. I do hope to take my adult children at some point. I think that would be fun.


  4. Well, I’m pretty sure Mickey is always smiley to everyone all the time, but aside from that… 🙂 Maybe the hiring for Disney process involves making darn sure the employees are people persons. Even the bus drivers, I should think, so maybe that one guy was just having a bad day. Let’s hope so.
    However, there’s no excuse for not enough t.p.


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