I Don’t Need A Reason

Sometimes, love, just is.

We can’t explain it or define it.

We don’t know why it happens,

We just have it.

I don’t need a reason to love.


He gives them to me every day.








Love doesn’t always give us reason or make sense.

I don’t take for granted

That I love,

And it



I Don't Need A Reason

I have a need to explore parts of this world I have not yet known, and I can’t help but pause in my new discoveries to appreciate what I need not search for.

He is there.

39 thoughts on “I Don’t Need A Reason

  1. Colleen, I read this just after posting a poem of my own. A poem which began to open me up again as I wrote it a few weeks ago. As I read this I could feel my body temperature rise, warmth radiating from my heart out to my limbs. So simple. So guileless. So true.


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