I Sit Across From People

I sit across from people on a regular basis and ask them their stories.

I have heard hundreds, more likely, thousands of stories.

Some of these stories have made me laugh, or cry, be more curious, or be less curious.  I have felt possibly every emotion one could feel while talking to another human being.  I have walked outside and lifted my face, in separate but equally as intense moments, to both the sun and the rain and been so very grateful to be able to do so.   I have had moments where I found it difficult to get up and walk away, and I have had moments where I walked out and kept walking as far as I could go.  There are stories that will never leave me. There are stories I beg my psyche to forget.  There are faces I smile at the memory of, and faces I pray forgiveness for.

I have had the pleasure of people pure and kind.

I have had the horror of people dark and angry.

I still suffer the pains of people harmed.

I still question how any could harm the way they do.

I have been taught the truth of love.

I have been taught lies disguised as love.

I have walked away feeling sorry for someone.

I have walked away feeling sorry for me.

I sit across from people to hear their stories.

Never have I left one

Without feeling the story.