That Road That Goes Both Ways

I don’t understand some things you believe in.

That that isn’t a reason for me to dislike you.

Or for you to dislike me.

Don’t preach it if you don’t live it.

This road that goes both ways has beauty on both ends and all along the way.

25 thoughts on “That Road That Goes Both Ways

  1. Excellent and so necessary, in this world we have now.
    I try not to be preachy nor judgmental. My Grandma’s favorite expression was, “There, but for the Grace of God, go I.”
    This works in so many ways (and levels) that I have adapted this for my inner thought processing. Like when someone breaks a rule, cuts in front or gets out of a handicapped parking space and shows no physical disabilities. . . Instead of grumbling, I think my Grandma’s (and Bible’s) words. It brings an inner sense of peace.


    • Your comments really got to me today Robin. We had an experience over the weekend. We went to a new to us restaurant. I followed someone else in, and they went to a sign that said “Please wait here to be seated”. I walked in first, for a group of four. I followed that person and stood in line. I did not notice anyone else there. It was a busy place but everyone was moving and the people in front of me were seated quickly. Then my husband, aunt, uncle joined us. Then a woman came up from behind us, stood in front of us, and told the hostess when she returned they had a group of four. I was stunned. The woman spoke to people behind us and told them to come up with her and they went to be seated. My uncle said they had been seated there when he came in. I swore they were not there when I came in. THe people who came in the door ahead of me went to the sign, there were 2 small groups seated ahead of me. And people did come in behind me. So I don’t know if they were there and I didn’t see them or they came in after me. I thought….how rude. And yet, it didn’t make a difference in my life, so why did I feel the way I did? I mean, in reaction to them. Anyway….this was all about your comment that just reminded me …..let it go. If they were rude it’s on them. If they had been waiting and no one knew they were there….they took action.

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      • This is strange that I pictured this scenario! I am probably one who had I been with my grandkids, would have said something. It is sad if those people were really supposed to be behind you, though.
        I like that you mentioned this to me, sharing this moment together. Also, “it is on them” if they were inappropriate! I guess it is kinda mean to say, but karma is my hope for fairness. But, like I said I try to think of my Grandma. xo
        Colleen, take it easy!


        • My uncle said they were sitting there when I came in, so even though I did not believe they were there when I walked in, I doubted myself. And if they were sitting there, I don’t know why. They could have been waiting for take out or anything. But, because my uncle noticed them I didn’t say anything. But if I, and the people in front of me, had stepped in front of them, they could have said something to explain why she did that. But again, it goes back to your comment, it didn’t really effect me…. πŸ˜‰

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