I’m Fat, Cranky and Imperfect

There are certain truths about ourselves that we are either fastidious about in our representation of, or very much in denial about, or willing to look sideways at and see a different version of reality.

Here’s some undeniable truths about myself:

I’m fat, cranky and imperfect.

Sometimes I don’t have a problem with my truths.  The above are not my complete truths.  And being my truths they don’t tell you much about my existence.

How I see myself at any given moment may fluctuate.  How I see myself may never match up with how someone else sees me.

I’m not always okay with my truths and I believe I sometimes look at myself sideways and indulge in that different version of reality.  Because some days, I just need to.

Other days I have no problems claiming what is mine.  It’s not self-deprecating to know and expound on our truths.  It can be liberating and freeing to know your own truths, and live well with them.


These particular truths are just simple, obvious truths for me to point out.  I know these particular truths are not the sum of me, or even most of me.  I’m fat, but I’ve been fatter and I’ve been thinner.  There is a great story there.  I’m cranky, but I can be affable and amiable to the point of being nauseous.  I’m imperfect.  But I can manage, on occasion, being right.

I am fastidious about, I deny, and I look sideways at my truths.

That, is the truth.