Assuming I Know

I have a very bad habit

Of assuming I know

How other’s see and perceive me.

Like I would actually fit in someone’s head!

How silly of me.

By the way, I despise the word silly so it’s very painful to post this.

But it serves a purpose here.

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16 thoughts on “Assuming I Know

  1. How true. We never know how others perceive us, we can only presume to know.


  2. Something I’m constantly working on, not making assumptions. Good one. 🙂


  3. ksbeth says:

    i think we see much of the world through our own eyes, sometimes imposing our feelings and thoughts on others, when they actually see things in a totally different way than we imagine.

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  4. Oh that is impossible…and probably best left unknown!


  5. mewhoami says:

    Excellent imagery! I’ve been surprised many times at how people see and speak of me. What they see and what I see are two very different things most of the time.


    • I don’t know why I think I know what other’s are thinking. Because when others think they know what I am thinking, they are rarely ever right, or even close. I need to remember that when I assume about others.


  6. Lost in translation does not just refer to foreign languages. If we get confused about what people mean when they speak, how much more trouble can we get in when interpreting thoughts? A lot of people now intersperse their sentences with “Know what I mean?” I like to respond “No, could you explain further please?” Weird looks I get by the dozen!!!


    • I have begun doing the same thing. If I don’t know, I must say so. And your response was spot on perfect Peter. I have gotten myself at least in emotional trouble when interpreting what I perceive to be other’s thoughts.

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