It Oddly Fills You

Even doing something you enjoy

Can be lonely.

But there comes a certain exquisite


Of affection

For that loneliness

When once submerged into it

It oddly fills you

And that loneliness

Completes the passion.

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31 thoughts on “It Oddly Fills You

  1. Robert Varga says:

    With writing, with biking, listening music…there are moments of loneliness by preference.

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  3. ksbeth says:

    yes, there are solitary experiences that fill us, like a room full of light

  4. goldenbrodie says:

    For sure and I work towards total immersion when engaged…not always successful…by try.

  5. Reblogged this on Starting Point 102 and commented:
    Here is a poem we stumbled upon and absolutely loved!

  6. She Lyncy says:

    The feeling that you cannot escape

  7. ❤ It takes a very together person to go there ❤

  8. You nailed this one ! Been there myself.

  9. Val Boyko says:

    When loneliness transcends to solitude through meaning … Lovely Colleen 💛

  10. Love this one! The drawing really speaks to me!

  11. breakfree52 says:

    So true…feels like heaven

  12. Some things, you just have to do on your own. Self sufficient. It’s a good feeling.

  13. reocochran says:

    I think this is true, but hate to admit it. It becomes part of the adventure of painting for me. . . Sometimes writing and never while reading. The characters keep me company, Colleen. xo

  14. tric says:

    I very rarely feel lonely, but I do crave solitude.

  15. Have you had new glasses?

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