Going Up?

I never quite figured out how to climb the ladder of success.

And yet

I feel pretty successful in life.

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37 thoughts on “Going Up?

  1. Success is often subjective, you are successful if you claim you are. Great post! 🙂

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  2. ksbeth says:

    and sometimes we get where we’re meant to be by going a different way.


  3. jmgoyder says:

    This is so brilliant!


  4. You might be successful because you never figured it out. It’s like the hamster who never discovered the running wheel…or something.


  5. Success is so uniquely defined by each person


  6. Great picture! That thing is broken anyway!


  7. BrookeLooks says:

    I’m still trying to find the ladder. Much less climb it…. :/


  8. I wouldn’t bother learning now Colleen, I’d get dizzy up there! Feet firmly planted is more my style!


  9. pamelezz says:

    I feel that I am not quite successful enough and at my time of life I feel I should already be there, but alas I have to keep on trying. Veronica.


  10. tric says:

    What exactly is success? I think happiness trumps it and you usually appear happy to me Colleen.


  11. reocochran says:

    Hanging upside down is my idea of success. ❤ I agree with those who say happiness is better than success, Colleen. You are remembered with fondness, each time you meet new people. 🙂


  12. russtowne says:

    Perhaps the ladder itself is a trap.


  13. Debra says:

    You obviously demonstrate great flexibility! That’s a necessary quality in successful people! 🙂


  14. taylormitch says:

    Sometimes being successful in life is all that should matter. We all have our own opinion of what that success should look like and/or feel like. Think about how much better the world could be if we all respected each other’s opinions.


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